Making better players, students, people, and
citizens through the game of basketball

Teaching character through basketball to make lives better.

Fireheart Basketball School

We are certified/licensed by USA Basketball.

All FireHeart coaches have been trained and certified by USA Basketball. This is the same USA Basketball organization that you see play in the Olympics and in other national and international competitions with elite level players.

As an affiliate of USA Basketball our program will be provided with resources that other clubs and youth sports organizations do not have access to.

Why Fireheart basketball school?

Rewards through…


Hard work


Earning achievement






Fair Play


Overcoming adversity


Never giving up




Learning "grit"

what parents and players are saying

Parent & player Testimonials

“If you are looking for a basketball school that encompasses sportsmanship, team work, skills, and ability; then you have found the right place!  Coach Jackson is one of the best instructors in team sports!  We have witnessed the FireHeart Basketball coaching staff guide young people through the bumps in life, using lessons that can only be learned on the basketball court. They work WITH the kids and are always prepared, positive, and ready to help their players achieve success both on AND off the court. Both of our sons train at FireHeart basketball and they are developing not only as highly trained competitive basketball players, but exceptional young men!  You couldn’t ask for a better mentor than Coach Jackson!”

Amy & David Petersmarck

(long time FireHeart parents)

“Playing for coach Jackson and being a part of FireHeart was a great learning experience. Coach Jackson works hard to help all of his players become better athletes on and off the court. He takes a true interest in all of his players. FireHeart basketball is something I would suggest every student athlete to be a part of.”

Austin Cupell

(Mica Mountain High School basketball player)

“Coach Jackson coached my son, Brandon Burnett, in middle school. During that time their team won the league championship. Myself and my husband really appreciated Coach Jackson because what we saw was a coach that really was vested in the boys. Not only was he vested in the boys, Coach Jackson taught them how to work hard  and provided them with life skills that Brandon could learn from and continue to use as he continued to grow into a young man. It was more than just basketball to Coach Jackson. Brandon went on to play high school basketball also Division-1 college basketball at Indiana State. Brandon has had many coaches throughout his career of basketball and the one coach that he still speaks of and has much respect for is Coach Jackson.

We as Brandon’s parents often say that it would have been nice to have a coach of Coach Jackson’s magnitude throughout his career. Coach Jackson was not just a great coach he also showed the boys values, lessons, teamwork, and taught them that hard work pays off.” 

Toni Burnett

(mother of Indiana State and Tucson area basketball player Brandon Burnett)

“Coach Jackson took his love and passion for the game of basketball and instilled it in me. He taught me the simple strategy and skillful fundamentals of the game, which lead me to great success on the court. He wasn’t just a coach for basketball- he was one for life as well. He stressed the importance of discipline, hard work, successes and failures, and how all are intertwined into not just wins and losses but developing who you are as a person. Whether it’s on the court or off, Coach Jackson will hold you accountable, responsible to not just yourself but your team. Coach Jackson is also always there to help/assist you along the way. He truly wants you to succeed in a game that’s bigger than basketball- the game of life. I highly recommend Coach Jackson to anyone dedicated to transforming into the best they can be, not just on the court, but off the court as well.” 

Dr. Megan Placencia

(Physical therapist and former Arizona all-state player and college basketball player)


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