About Fireheart basketball school

We are certified/licensed by USA Basketball.

All FireHeart coaches have been trained and certified by USA Basketball. This is the same USA Basketball organization that you see play in the Olympics and in other national and international competitions with elite level players.

As an affiliate of USA Basketball our program will be provided with resources that other clubs and youth sports organizations do not have access to.

The Basketball IQ experience to develop character for life.

Fireheart Basketball School

What is FireHeart Basketball School?

FireHeart Basketball School is a series of high level and intense basketball skill development camps for High School, Middle School, and Upper Elementary School aged players. The camps are designed in a series to focus on key basketball concepts over time. We manage the time training to fit into players’ school and club team schedules so that players can improve and apply what they’ve learned right away.

Do you know that the basketball is not in your hands 96% of the time during a game? 

How will you maximize your touches and stand out on the court around other great players?

What will make coaches need to keep you on the floor and in the game as much as possible?

What will you take away from the game to help you in life?

Parents often waste thousands of dollars paying for their child to be on “exposure” basketball teams or attend high-profile camps and there is often very little return on that investment of time, money, and travel. Unless your child is physically gifted at birth with exceptional height and athleticism compared to other players, just playing games will not get them noticed. Many players (and their parents) think playing more games with club teams is the way to improve.

While “exposure” basketball has its place and can serve its purpose, it can also do damage to a player’s development, reputation, and recruiting prospects if they are not ready for it. This is because “exposure” basketball does just that- exposes players’ strengths and their weaknesses. Additionally, “exposure” basketball often does not reinforce a “Growth Mindset.” Even worse, putting a youth athlete in an “exposure” situation when they have not developed the mental and emotional skills to handle it can actually make a young athlete want to quit the sport altogether.

“Growth Mindset” is the idea that you must work through mistakes, persevere, and keep trying as a necessary step for improvement. Many players and their parents are not even aware of what their weaknesses are. Players will only get better and stand out if they practice specific skills combined with leadership development. PRACTICE makes IMPROVEMENT. Every high level coach agrees on this basic fact: More players need to practice their skills, fundamentals, and understanding of the game if they want to play at high levels. This is exactly what you can expect at FireHeart Basketball School.

What players learn at FireHeart Basketball School will help them be an impact player wherever they go to play- school teams, club teams, and recreational play. FireHeart Basketball School will also help develop players’ leadership skills in school and in the workplace when they one day go to pursue a career. Whatever your basketball goals are for your next level, FireHeart will help you get there. 

Things you can expect to experience at a FireHeart session:

  • Learn how to stand out in a gym with really good players and get noticed by coaches for specific skills, behaviors, and traits. Become the player other players want to play with and coaches cannot afford to not have on their team.
  • Learn to stand out without being the biggest or fastest player on the court.
  • Learn how to play with and without the basketball in your hands.
  • Learn on-the-ball defense and team defensive concepts and habits.
  • Learn how to be a scoring threat and have a shooter’s mindset. Become a playmaker and difference maker even when the ball isn’t in your hands.
  • Learn to use the dribble to create opportunities for yourself and your teammates.
  • Maximize passing for high percentage scoring opportunities.
  • Learn how to read defenses and offenses to recognize scoring opportunities.
  • Learn the concept of controlling space on the basketball court.
  • Establish the proper mindset for rebounding.
  • Experience camaraderie and interdependence in a team setting towards common goals.
  • Learn how to practice leadership as a skill that coaches, teachers, community leaders, and employers need to have around and actively look for on their teams, classrooms, and workplaces.

Is your young athlete ready for a FireHeart session?

Has your child played basketball before and wants to improve to become better?

Is your player ready to play basketball with a competitive spirit?

Is your player ready to be pushed beyond their comfort zone at times in order to grow?

Is your player ready to work hard and learn?

If you answered “yes” to each of the above questions, then your player is ready to attend a FireHeart Basketball School Session!

Each session is designed to build off of the last session and focuses on specific skill areas (no two sessions are exactly the same). Attending multiple sessions will only help players become more well rounded and prepared for their teams. We also spiral fundamental skills and tailor learning based on the skill level and experience of the players we have enrolled. Sessions are co-ed and multi-age but we group kids with similarly skilled peers. We generally have 3 skill groups at each session: 4th/5th/6th graders, 7th/8th graders, and high school players. We will be offering “Junior Sparks” sessions for players younger than 4th grade in the future.

Why Fireheart basketball school?

Develop your basketball skills through our “CHAMPS” philosophy…

C Character

Demonstrating through actions high moral values, honest acts, and noble behavior

H Heart

Having a love for the game, desire to make teammates better, and the will to compete no matter the challenge, obstacle, or odds.

A Attitude

Having a growth mindset, optimistic approach, and high energy at all times.

M Meticulousness

Demonstrating precision and focusing on details when you practice and play.

P Perseverance

Working with a relentless pursuit of your goals over time and having grit.

S Strengthen

Always improving and trying to get better in all areas of your life - mind, body, skills, experience, team.

what parents and players are saying

Parent & player Testimonials

“This year, our son will begin his fourth year with FireHeart Basketball. As parents, we cannot say enough good things about it. Over the years, our children have been a part of various programs and there is just no comparison as far as quality goes. It has been apparent since day one that basketball is Chris Jackson’s passion and he is genuine in his efforts to share this knowledge with the kids he is training. It has been fun to watch our son over the years as his skills have improved, along with his self-confidence. We are so thankful that our son has the opportunity to be a part of FireHeart and highly recommend it to other parents.”

Stephanie and Devin Taylor

(long time FireHeart parents)

This basketball program is top notch! Not only are they (the coaches) teaching the basic fundamentals of the sport, but also teaching my children to be respectful, responsible, and team-oriented. Coach Jackson puts his heart and passion into making sure all the kids work hard, challenge themselves, learn from the coaches/players, and have fun. My son and daughter have both been a part of this great organization since it first started, and I think it’s been a great experience for our entire family. Go FireHeart!”

Becca Grappin

(former college basketball player and FireHeart parent)

“Coach Jackson took his love and passion for the game of basketball and instilled it in me. He taught me the simple strategy and skillful fundamentals of the game, which lead me to great success on the court. He wasn’t just a coach for basketball- he was one for life as well. He stressed the importance of discipline, hard work, successes and failures, and how all are intertwined into not just wins and losses but developing who you are as a person. Whether it’s on the court or off, Coach Jackson will hold you accountable, responsible to not just yourself but your team. Coach Jackson is also always there to help/assist you along the way. He truly wants you to succeed in a game that’s bigger than basketball- the game of life. I highly recommend Coach Jackson to anyone dedicated to transforming into the best they can be, not just on the court, but off the court as well.” 

Dr. Megan Placencia

(Physical therapist and former Arizona all-state player and college basketball player)


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